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Depression sucks. Literally. It sucks the energy, motivation, and joy right out of you. A lot of the time you may feel a heaviness, which perhaps you have adapted to and now seems normal. Maybe you have a sense of dullness or flatness, like everything is a shade of gray as opposed to vibrant colors. Maybe other people have noticed that you have been down, and not being yourself. Perhaps you have feelings of grief, rage, despair, and hopelessness that have become so intense that you have contemplated taking your own life. The darkness may seem unbearable at times.

All of these are signs that you may be struggling with depression. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people battle with depression and many people are winning or have won that battle. Depression counseling can breathe life back into you, revitalizing who you really are.

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How can depression counseling help me?

Counseling has been clinically shown to help people with depression. There are a variety of factors in counseling that helps people get better. The first is simply having someone consistently show up and care about you. It can be profoundly healing to have someone be compassionate, present, and accepting of who you are and where you are in your life. This consistent, empathetic understanding is vital for recovery.

Secondly, there are often underlying reasons that depression is in your life. Usually, these reasons stem from pain that has not been fully dealt with. This pain could be from a sudden incident, like the death of a loved one or a breakup. Or, depression can grow slowly, where you become more lonely in your romantic relationship, life gradually loses its appeal, and you may develop a sense of meaninglessness. This incremental growth of depression usually takes hold because social support, personal insight, emotional/intellectual tools, and connection are lacking in some way. In counseling, you will develop skills and awareness to reduce or even overcome your depression.

Young caucasian man standing on a misty beach with a cup in his hand, looking forlorn, illustrating the concept that Depression counseling can breath life back into you, revitalizing who you really are.

Lastly, we can focus on practical steps that can be taken to reduce your depression. Being outside in nature, exercising, hanging out with friends, playing music, and doing things you love are all examples that may benefit you. Sometimes, you may just need someone to support you on your journey, offering gentle nudges along the way.

The mind’s role in depression

Sometimes, our minds are primarily responsible for our depression. For example, you might have an inner critic that is unbearably harsh. You may call yourself names, undermine yourself, or judge yourself as unworthy, and unlovable. You may discover that you have some core beliefs that say that you don’t deserve love or that you are not good enough. These core beliefs can wreak havoc in your life. And, you may only be partially aware this is happening.

Another way the mind creates depression is by preventing you from feeling the depths of your pain. This may seem counterintuitive at first, but sometimes depression is a fear of feeling grief, which results in an emotional stuckness. The mind will essentially say, “It’s not a good idea to feel those painful feelings. You don’t know what’s going to happen if you do. You may not recover.” This may prevent you from allowing your emotions to flow freely and move on from the pain. Depression may be the result.

Make your mind an ally to reduce your depression

Even though your mind may be a culprit in creating your depression, it can also help it subside. Creating awareness is a primary skill that we will develop in therapy. By being aware, you can make the unconscious conscious, and recognize how you create your own depression. Through awareness, you can make different decisions and consciously choose to create the life you want. You empower yourself to feel differently. This is certainly easier said and done, but we will support you throughout the process.

Another way to utilize your mind to address your depression is by following your fear. Often, the mind will convince you to look everywhere except where you need to look for answers. The mind’s major tool to accomplish this is fear. It presents compelling reasons to not turn your attention towards your pain or yourself. So, the challenge is to turn towards fear rather than away. You may discover uncomfortable emotions, but moving through these emotions may bring unimaginable relief and healing.

I might be depressed, but do I really need counseling?

Depression can impact many areas of your life. Depression may affect your sleep, weight, appetite, energy, social life, professional performance, romantic relationships, friendships, and interests. If you find that you are not satisfied with these areas of your life, then perhaps you may benefit from counseling. Counseling mostly benefits people who are tired of suffering and ready for something different. When the things you have been trying are not working, or you don’t even have the energy to try, then counseling may be just what you need.

Are you the right therapist for me?

It is important to find the right therapist for you. We have multiple clinicians that specialize in supporting people who are experiencing depression. Feel free to contact us to find out who would be the best fit for you. We have had substantial success in helping people move through their depression. Many of our clients report that they are amazed at how much better they feel. Some explain that it feels like a fog has lifted, or that they can actually feel again. Some share that they are now doing things they love and are living the life they have always wanted. It may take some time and work to get there, but you can do it too.

Can I afford depression counseling?

If you believe that your life will be better after reducing your depression, then counseling may be worth it to you. Imagine your life without depression. What would you be doing? How would you feel? What would others say about you? What would you say about you? Counseling is an investment and the rewards can be well worth it! You could get your life back.

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