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Counseling for children and teens

Child Counseling and Teen Counseling

Growing up can be quite challenging. There are so many factors that influence a child’s life and it can be overwhelming to navigate everything. School stress, peer pressure, bullying, divorce, and technology can all impact a child’s life. Managing emotions during these times can be even more daunting, particularly because many children have not mastered self-regulation or good communication skills yet. Many adults haven’t mastered these either! Child counseling can help them be on the right path.

We provide a safe environment so that children and teens can share their concerns, learn skills, develop insight, and grow into happier, healthier people. Child counseling is an opportunity for children to build self-confidence, deal with challenges in their lives, and develop social-emotional skills.

Sillouette of a young boy against a setting sun, with his arms held up in a victorious pose, illustrating the concept that counseling for children and teens can help your child thrive.

How do I find the right therapist to provide child counseling?

Finding the right therapist is important. You need someone that is skillful, compassionate, and willing to engage your child in a meaningful way. We have multiple clinicians who specialize in working with children, teens, and families. They provide safe and effective therapy for your child. Reach out to find the therapist that works best with your child.

How do I know if Child Counseling is right for my children?

Parenting can be super challenging. So, if you find yourself getting overly stressed and not knowing how to respond to your children in a way that supports them in their development, then child counseling may be helpful for you. It can be incredibly helpful to have a trained professional build a therapeutic relationship with your children so they can feel understood and get the support that they need. If you notice that your child is lonely, isolating, anxious, depressed, uninterested in activities, or has poor impulse control, then child therapy may be helpful.

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