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Young woman of color with her head in her hand, illustrating that therapy for anxiety is available at Sequim Counseling


Anxiety counseling Having anxiety can be brutal. It can dominate your life. It can color your experience of everything to turn it from enjoyable to

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Young caucasian man standing on a misty beach with a cup in his hand, looking forlorn, illustrating the concept that Depression counseling can breath life back into you, revitalizing who you really are.


Depression sucks. Literally. It sucks the energy, motivation, and joy right out of you. A lot of the time you may feel a heaviness, which

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Generated image of a lion cub looking at his reflection in a body of water but the reflection is a grown lion, illustrating what anxiety actually is, and how it may impact you.

What is anxiety?

Is it strange that I have anxiety when writing about anxiety? Perhaps I should look into that… Anxiety is very common. It is a part

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Silhouette of a person sitting on a bench looking out onto a body of water with high mountains in the background illustrating the causes of anxiety.

What causes anxiety?

The root causes for anxiety differ from person to person. But, there are some common factors that may be helpful to identify the reasons you

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