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Addiction — Substance Use Disorder

Addiction or Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is the repetitive misuse of any substance — usually alcohol or drugs — until you cease having control of your actions. Approximately 21 million Americans currently struggle with addiction to alcohol, opioids, marijuana, or other substances. Although many addictive substances are legal and widely available, addiction has severe long-term […]

Couples Therapy: Nurturing Relationships for a Lifetime

Unlock the secrets to lasting love. Explore the transformative power of couples therapy. Reignite intimacy and passion, and strengthen connections. Overview Relationships are complex, dynamic journeys that often traverse through peaks and valleys. While the initial stages of love and companionship can cause feelings of euphoria and bliss, after some time, challenges inevitably emerge, putting […]


Do you often feel restless, agitated, or overwhelmed with worries and thoughts of what might go wrong? Anxiety can interfere with your ability to succeed at work or in school, sabotage family life, challenge romantic relationships, and make for difficult interpersonal interactions. Quick navigation Key points Different people experience anxiety in different ways Anxiety tends […]